Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ROTC and MC explained.

Robot of the Week and Monthly Challenges Explained

Here are some general guidelines for monthly challenges. At the beginning of each month I release a challenge that must be completed in autonomous, with specific rules for that particular challenge. The 4/06 challenge does not allow the use of adhesives, but that doesn't mean they are banned forever. I may put restrictions on the time it takes to complete the assignment, and although I have no way of telling, especially since you are sending me still pictures, I am relying on your honesty.

Your email must be recieved by me, and I use gmail so sometimes there is a lag, by the last day of the month at 11:59:59. However, if no one sends me an email, you can still win by sending me an email, even if it is years later. The first person to send me a picture outside of the time window will be the winner, if its physically possible.

I judge not only on style, but how the drivetrain is, if there is one, aesthetics, how it works, how the person came over a certain obstacle, etc.

For robot of the week, all the pictures I recieve in the past two weeks, will be eligible for robot of the week. I will post this every Saturday, if possible, or as soon after as I can. If no pictures are sent to me, I will pick one of my own robots, and just say what post it is in. The robot of the week demonstrates a creative solution to a problem, does a hard task very simply, or is just really cool, like if you made a motorcycle, and it use omni wheels. That would definatley win you the robot of the week. Just to clear things up. I have the next two monthly challenges already thought out, and I'll give you a hint. The second one also involves lifting, so don't scrap those arms just yet. The third hint will be released when I release the second game.


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