Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nathan VII - Strafe

So this picture format is going to be super wierd, and I'm sorry but anyways. So this is Strafe. Named for his holonomic drivetrain, Strafe was a very sturdy, well programmed, but weak drivetrained, robot. The third picture shows the add on of a camera mount for my camera, connected to two servos, allowing tilt for the camera. This was really shacky, but still completely awesome. Like all holonomic drive trains, I had four motors at each end, two for left and right, and two for forward and backward. The programming was really good but very simple. I used a four motor
tank drive for the forward/backward/left/right on the right hand joystick. On the left joystick I used a four motor arcade drive for the left/right, but I outsourced the up/down function to channel 6) to twist left or right, (which used all four motors in sync), and the up/down for the camera. After Nathan geared it up, and I added the camera, it started moving a lot slower, but was still very cool. Probably the most complex robot I've built, both Nathan and I were very proud. The motors were only supported in one place, which raised some concerns, but it actually did not matter. As soon as I figure out how to add movies, I'll put some up. The four wheels aren't perfectly perpendicular, but they are all parallel across from eachother, and one set, is one hole longer on one side than the other set, so it was off by about a degree. Lastly, when my friend Yon pushed the buttons for Channel 6, it made the robot go a whole lot faster, in the same direction, even though the programming was the same for the button and the joystick. I wonder why? I'll look into it.


  • Hey Nathan, I saw your post about this blog on the ChiefDelphi forums and just wanted to say 'Keep up the good work'.

    I just started with VEX and have been searching for good resources like this.

    By Blogger jasoa, at 7:36 PM  

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