Monday, April 03, 2006


Well for you FIRST VEX fans out there, Vexrobotics has been shut down. When you go to you get forwarded to Radio Shacks VEX section. Vex Labs has not been shut down, but it hasn't changed. One of my favorite features was the monthly challenge. So I decided to take it upon myself to put out a monthly challenge. You should know the deal. Just email me at with a picture of your robot its name and a short description. All parts are legal but it must do it in autonomous. If you have a video thats even better, but picture is fine as long as its in the act of doing it.

At the same time I'll be posting pics/descriptions/and names of the robots I have created, and every week I'll pick a robot of the week to post as well. To be a part of that just do the same thing as above. Send me your name/pic of robot/robots name/small description of the technical matters/description of what it does. You can also PM me on Chief Delphi my username is Irishninja. And if you like the idea, a few rep points would be nice.


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