Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 06 Monthly Challenge

This months challenge is too build a robot that can pick up an american quarter from the floor. You can't use ANY adhesives, no glue, tape, anything of the sort, not even sticky rubber. The coin is considered picked up when it is only in contact with the robot and the air. Remember the robot has to do it in autonomous, but there are no other regulations. You can use as many motors, servos, peices as you want. Send me a picture or preferably video to with the subject VEX Monthly Challenge 4/06. Or just VEX 4/06. Remember to send me those robot pics and I will choose a robot of the week to post.

For both of these you need a short description and a technical description along with your name. All other information is optional.

Toughness rating (out of 10 being hardest) = 6


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